Justin won 3rd place for his presentation at the IMBRSea Annual Symposium!

Justin won 3rd place for the movie and the booklet about his professional practice experience in Tvärminne. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
(the movie is available on YouTube and on our website)  


Experimental Aquatic Research Course

UH students just finished their Experimental Aquatic Research Course in Tvärminne. They performed four experiments on the impact of DOC and nutrient additions on phytoplankton and zooplankton and on the role of benthic macroinvertabrates in the transport of plastic in the sediments.
…and for the final dinner, they served a seaweed pasta with Fucus from the shore 🙂
That’s the spirit! Great group!

IMG-20190721-WA0012.jpg IMG-20190721-WA0009.jpg

IMG-20190720-WA0009.jpg 20190720_202157_resized.jpg



6th GEISHA meeting

CESAB_IBB2.jpgOur 6th GEISHA meeting in a new CESAB headquarter in Montpellier was focused on finalising publications. It was our last official meeting, but we will continue working on the effects of storms on phytoplankton communities in lakes. Details and updates here

Field season started!

Diatoms are blooming! The winter is officially over!

Iris is starting his field campaign with Matias Scheinin & Anna-Karin Almén. They are using an onboard flow-through system to follow a spatio-temporal  dynamic of phytoplankton and their environmental drivers in Raseborg and Hanko Archipelagos.

Clio is preparing to her challenging mesocosm experiment with salinity gradient  sampling plankton from a freshwater reservoir that was cut off from the sea 50 years ago.

IMG-20190414-WA0002.jpg IMG_20190411_104249_resized_20190411_032531939.jpg

AQUACOSM meeting, Evora

Tvärminne Zoological Station is a part of the AQUACOSM EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration. End of March Aleksandra joined the station director, Joanna Norkko at the annual AQUACOSM meeting in Evora, Portugal.
This summer we will host two international research groups running experiments with marine plankton, for which we are preparing outdoor mesocosm facilities on the swimming platform. Stay tuned!